With Lindsey visiting friends in San Diego, Little Bug and I had a weekend to ourselves to play. The week prior wasn’t our best, we had some medical things occur and the whole family was little on the tired side. All of that coincided with a “sleep regression” (where kiddos refuse to go to sleep). However, Friday night I told myself that we were going to hike Chilco Peaks on Saturday regardless of what the night brought.

What it actually brought was one of the worst bedtimes Little Bug has ever had. She wailed every time I laid her down from 7:30 until 10:05. Exhausted, I finished the chores and headed to bed about 11:00. Little Bug was not about to stay sleeping though and she was awake at 5am demanding breakfast.

All told, she ate breakfast, I had ½ a bowl of oatmeal, I packed the hiking gear and we headed out. I knew if we stayed home we’d struggle to find fun things to do in our sleep deprived state.

Snacks for two (forgot banana which caused me a significant amount of worry)

Little Bug was stoked to get to use her hiking water bottle again. She carried it around the whole time I was packing. We were out the door at 8am, which is unheard of in kiddo hiking schedules but seems about right if everyone gets up at 5am.

Setting out on the trail, my plan consisted of “at least hiking to N. Chilco” and deciding from there. Little Bug developed a new code to tell me she was happy as we hiked along in the morning shade. As long as she stuck her tongue out when I did, I knew we were in good shape.

I let her hike for a while. We made it about 50 feet, which was a new record on steep hills. Also, she refused to let go of the water bottle, a dilemma later solved with a trade for a tamarack branch.

After not very many miles and quite a few vertical feet (I think about 2000) we made it to the top of North Chilco.

We enjoyed the view of Lake Pend Oreille and visited with the other hikers at the top. We considered heading home but as it was only about 10:30, we decided to head for the saddle and maybe have lunch there.

One of the nice things about this hike was that, even though it was a ridge hike, it was mostly shaded throughout the day.

At the saddle, Little Bug had fallen asleep. Despite feeling fairly tired and wishing I’d had more breakfast, I could see no sense waking her up for lunch and we continued on to the south peak. The trail from the saddle to South Chilco was neither as nice, nor as shady.

We made it within 500 feet of the south peak, per my GPS, but stopped due to snow. I was wearing low-top approach shoes and did not relish the idea of a return trip with soggy socks. We stopped at the first dry flat-ish spot for lunch.

Refreshed, we continued on down to the saddle and back toward North Chilco. As we approached North Chilco again, Little Bug tried hiking again and made it even further! Famished, she polished off some cheese in the kid pack. Often, she’ll fall asleep as we hiked but for the majority of the remaining hike out she was content to watch the forest roll by and occasionally tell me about the things running through her mind.

As we approached the trailhead, she took a nap – seemingly indifferent to the danger foretold by one of the more random hiking trail signs I’ve observed.

Back at the pickup, we enjoyed some snacks and headed home.

The only thing left to do was to work on our update for the blog…



The three of us set off about 4:00 with our friends to climb Canfield. It had rained that morning and the clouds threatened both further rain and fantastic light. Little Bug rode in the backpack which I had foolishly weighed down with half a gallon of water and a bunch of warm clothes.

Continue reading “Canfield”

Our Enchantments Backpacking Trip

Lindsey and I take Little Bug backpacking in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness with friends.

After a summer of training, including practice camping, hiking, and backpacking with the Little Bug, we set off for the Enchantments last Tuesday night. Continue reading “Our Enchantments Backpacking Trip”

Of Rain and Shelter

Adventures with babies possess different rewards than I suspected they might.

As spring waxed on, Lindsey and I grew increasingly more determined to get in some climbing. One particular week, we decided we would go that Thursday. The weather looked bleak and we had no free time but that was the only day which could work. We called up our friends and committed. When I left work for home, the weather was reasonable. I scrambled to make some dinner and hastily threw our climbing gear into a bag before Lindsey got home. We hurried out the door, doubtless forgetting a dozen things.

Upon arriving at the crag, Lindsey decided to hike in before feeding Little Bug. However, not about to let us get on the trail that easily, Little Bug produced a “stinker” of a diaper. Mid-change, my mountaineer friends passed by. “What are you guys up to today?” one asked. I could only laugh and shake my head as I looked at our climbing gear packed in next to our half-changed daughter lying in the back of the car. Eventually, we hiked in, arriving at the wall with about an hour of daylight to go. We were there!

We joined our friends and I led an easy warm up route for us to jump on. From the top of the route, I could see a storm blowing in from the west. Back on the ground, one of our friends completed the climb before raindrops began to fall. I took Little Bug and encouraged Lindsey to climb the route.

As she climbed higher, the rain began to fall in earnest. With no raingear packed, Little Bug and I snuggled under an overhanging route. She began to cry as Lindsey hurried to complete just one route before we had to leave. It’s easy to imagine this being a tough day in our memory.

I started to sing to Little Bug and to dance her around under the shelter of the rock. Looking out, I could see the sun again on the far side of the storm. The rain continued to fall as Lindsey and our friends scrambled to pack the gear But in our own little dry world, Little Bug and I danced through the storm. We smiled at each other and locked that moment away in our memories.

Little Bug and Daddy: Adventure #1

We rose with the sun. Well, Lindsey and I did. Little Bug stayed snug in her bassinet after a morning snack.

Lindsey and I bustled around camp (the house) preparing our gear for the day’s adventure. Lindsey would be attempting a tough new route: Returning to Work. I was attempting my own solo project: my first attempt at Daddy-Daughter Day. Continue reading “Little Bug and Daddy: Adventure #1”